i am an entrepreneur, story teller and seasoned mover and shaker in the digital space. From launching and running some of the biggest sites on the Web, to product management, content management, community management, social media management, audience development, mobile app creation, video production, game development, even publishing a novel and penning a symphony... I pride myself ondoing many things, doing them well, and doing them with a sense of humor and humility, two key ingredients to my success. My work has been featured on the front pages of CNN, Yahoo!, Huffington Post, Digg, Reddit, Wired, Boing Boing, Mental Floss and Neatorama, just to name some. I'm also a published novelist (Behind Everyman) and composer (The Word).

My most recent start-up is a fun Twitter-based site called twaggies.com. When I'm not working on that, I can be found writing quizzes for Boing Boing, blogging cooking up gnarly trivia scavenger hunts, writing for Wired.com and doing a lot of social media work for neatorama.com. My interest in giving back led me to get involved with an LA-based charity where I ran Web & Technology. In 2009, we rolled out a campaign to wipe out hunger in LA: FedUpWithHunger.org.

Most recently, I hired and managed a team of more than 100 amazingly talented content creators for Citysearch who were busy creating awesome videos and city Guides across the country.

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